Imogen Heap - 'Ellipse' 12" Double Vinyl LP STXI026

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We are delighted to present Imogen Heap's Grammy award winning album Ellipse on vinyl for first time ever. As per our 2013 pressing of Speak For Yourself (now out of print), we have ensured that all art adapted for this double vinyl/gatefold sleeve remain true to the original release.

Side A:
01. First Train Home
02. Wait It Out
03. Earth

Side B:
01. Little Bird
02. Swoon
03. Tidal

Side C:
01. Between Sheets
02. 2-1
03. Bad Body Double

Side D:
01. Aha!
02. The Fire
03. Canvas
04. Half Life

Pressing Information

First pressing
300 black 12" double vinyl
200 clear cream 12" double vinyl